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Building Protection

Siding is one of the important building envelope material that is crucial for protection from wind, hail, ice, snow, moisture, and wildlife. Exterior walls are covered with siding for uniform appearance and also additional layer of protection for the interiors.

Siding Materials


Vinyl, fiber-cement, wood, brick, stucco, stone, aluminum, copper, and so on are some of the cladding materials used for building protection. They are available in lapboards, shingles, and in different widths and shapes.

Each material have their own advantages and disadvantages. Vinyl is widely used for residential buildings but is easily damaged due to heat, hail, and high winds. Brick is long lasting and is reliable even after 150 years. Wood is prone to termites and bugs. Stone and stucco are extremely costly and used for high-end projects. Fiber-cement is relatively new material and is emerging as the popular choice for siding due to the combination of wood pulp, cement, fly-ash, and water.

Material used must be fade-resistant and fire-resistant. Siding is also popular as they increase the curb appeal of a property and require low maintenance.



Building codes, manufacturer specifications, and quality standards must be followed during siding installation. The siding must be installed for uniform and neat appearance, secured to the building, allow for expansion and contraction, and prevent any moisture penetrations.


Siding Installation

Contractor will estimate the material required by calculating the width and height of the surface of the wall. Painting of the siding is usually done at the supplier's facility depending on the customer preference. The installers can cut the standard sizes based on the surface shape and size.


Siding Crew

The wall is prepared for siding installation by cleaning and applying insulation material. Siding is applied horizontally or vertically by nailing. Special care is required for siding the trim, fascia, and soffitt. Installers use several tools and hoists to help with the cladding. Crew are required to apply the siding in a fast and efficient manner and not waste any material.


Pressure Washing

Siding requires frequent maintenance such as pressure washing with water. Green spots left by lawn moving, bugs, and dust are some common maintenance issues. Loose nails, falling off clapboards, and cracked joints must be fixed immediately.

Siding Maintenance

Mild soap, bleach, and water can be used to clean the siding of any black moldy spots. Care must be taken while cleaning and avoid peeling off any existing material. Any problematic areas can be marked off to get it checked by the siding contractor.


Caulking of the siding is done frequently to fix the gaps and cracks. Any leaks in the joints or missing shingles must be fixed to prevent any further moisture and algae build up.

Expert contractors who are familiar with the installation and maintenance procedures can help customers save money and time.

Olde Town Siding

Olde Town Siding is the largest siding contractor in the MidWest who are experts in installing all types of siding. They execute residential, commercial, industrial, and government siding contracts. Located in Moline (Illinos), Olde Town Siding serves hundreds of customers in the MidWest.

Quality siding material is used by Olde Town Siding such as vinyl, brick, and fiber-cement. James Hardie is one of the fiber-cement products they install.

Hotels, dental offices, government housing, residences, historical buildings, and other facilities are completed by Olde Town Siding.

They have expert crew who are familiar with the installation guidelines and city building codes.

Call Olde Town Siding at 3097385550 or 3095171676 or 5637239940 for more information about their residential and commercial siding services.

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As part of the Olde Town Group, Olde Town Siding is committed to excellent customer service and quality installations. Siding is one of the major services of the group.

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